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Upgrade with Home Battery Storage 

Store your excess solar energy during the day and make the most of cheaper rate off-peak energy to fill your batteries during the night. If you already have solar panels installed, we can update your existing system to take advantage of surplus and cheap energy.

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Accredited, Trusted, Nationwide Installations.

Our Most Installed Battery Solutions

We understand that there is no one size fits all battery storage system, we will work with you to ensure that you get the right battery storage solution for your requirements, these are some of the most popular and frequently installed systems:

GivEnergy AC Coupled Inverter with 9.5kWh Battery

Low Voltage

Finance Available

Add Onto Existing Solar

12-year guarantee


Wi-Fi remote Monitoring

Charge from Gid Capability

Scalable to 47.5kWh and AC Coupled

GivEnergy All in One with 13.5kWh Battery

FIT Tariff & Smart Tariff compatible

All in One - Left.png

Finance Available

Add Onto Existing Solar

12-year guarantee


Wi-Fi remote Monitoring

Charge from Gid Capability

Scalable and AC Coupled

Trusted Installer

Battery Storage Can Work With Any Existing Solar PV System Or By Itself!

Fast response, instant quote, excellent service.

Adding batteries to your existing Solar PV system has no impact to your existing Feed-in-Tarriff agreement. You will continue to get paid for energy generated whilst storing the excess. 

Your battery storage can also be charged directly from the grid to take advantage of cheap rate electricity from off peak times when prices are low. This can help you save significantly on your energy bill and protect you from rising costs. 

Store and Manage Your Energy Intelligently

Access Cheap Energy Rates

Charge up and store energy from cheap rate tariffs such as Octopus Go or Economy 7.

Reduce Bills

Making the most of your energy with intelligent energy storage can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Smartphone App

Monitor and control your energy systems from the comfort of your phone, computer or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Price Protection

As energy prices continue to rise your battery system will help protect you from cost increases.

FIT Compatible

If you are currently registered with the FIT scheme, adding batteries will have no impact and add extra capacity.

Suitable for Everyone 

Batteries can be installed into any home or property, with or without solar panels to take advantage of cheap energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about battery storage systems. If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Check out what our customers say about our service.

  • Where can batteries be installed?
    Our battery storage systems can be installed anywhere in your home, we will talk you through the best options when booking in your installation.
  • How long do battery storage systems last?
    Professionally installed home battery systems typically come with a manufactures warranty of around 10-12 years. We would however expect modern battery storage systems to last many years after this period if properly charged/discharged and maintained.
  • Will it affect my FIT agreement?
    One of the most important questions. In short, no. We would install an AC Coupled inverter which works alongside your existing Solar PV system, with no requirement to alter it.
  • Can my business benefit from solar battery storage?
    Though we primarily install battery storage for residential properties, we can assist with business enquiries, please contact us with your specific requirements to see if we can help.
  • How much battery storage do I need?
    We recommend starting with 12kWh storage capacity. As the batteries are modular units you can add more to an existing system at any time. Our systems can be adjusted to meet your requirements and range in capacity from 5.2kWh to 47.5kWh.
  • How long will it take from enquiry to installation?
    We aim to achieve a turnaround within 30 days. Depending on what brand of system you choose, lead times may vary.
  • Can I have a battery system without Solar PV?
    Yes, you can take advantage of your Octopus Go or Economy 7 tariff with a battery system, charging it at night when the unit rate is cheaper, and using it during the day when the rate is higher.
  • Can I view and monitor the system online?
    Yes, all our recommended battery storage installations with GivEnergy can be viewed and managed via an online application and dashboard.
  • How many batteries can I add to the GivEnergy AC inverter?
    You can have up to five batteries per inverter, the maximum being 47.5kWh.
  • I need more charge/discharge capability, what can I do?
    You can have a total of two AC inverters per household. An additional AC Coupled inverter can be wired in parallel, giving you a total of 6kw charge/discharge rate.
  • Can I use my battery during a power cut?
    Yes you can, please contact to discuss your requirements.

Make The Most Of Your Energy!

Do not miss the opportunity to maximise the effectiveness of your solar investment and save money on your energy bill. Contact us today and we will install the best solution for your needs.

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